Live Events!! Switchfoot Bro Am – Reef Pro El Salvador

No need to be bored tonight! Check the links for a few live events happening around the globe.
Switchfoot Bro Am in Moonlight beach, CA with live music happening throughout the night. Reef Pro also happening in El Salvador. Enjoy my friends!


Congrats Jordy!!

A few days late, but a big congrats to Jordy Smith for the win at the Billabong Rio Pro. I thought it might go to Gabriel Madina, but Jordy was on fire mate! Yeeew

Pray For Will Tant!!

I just received this information from Christain Surfers on professional surfer, Will Tant and wanted to share with you guys.

“Many of you may know Will Tant from his pro surfing career. Videos like Noah’s Arc or Beyond Borders feature him. You may also know him from his brother’s memorial surf contest – the Tommy Tant.

Will is a solid Christian brother and needs our prayers today. His brother Tommy passed away from an aortic aneurysm. Will was diagnosed with the same condition.

On Wednesday 3/13/2013, from 8am EST until 1pm EST, he will be having extensive open heart surgery to repair the condition. This is a very invasive and high-risk procedure! Please pray for Will’s recovery as well as for strength for his family as they go through this. If you would like to send an encouraging email you may do so through and we will batch them up and send them over.

Also, if you need prayer please email, as our National Staff pray every Thursday at noon and will gladly pray for you and your requests.”

Video from Tommy Tant memorial surf classic 2011