The ARC Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to share the love of Christ, instill hope, strengthen faith, and encourage life to its fullest by bringing people with various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds together through the gift of surfing. The Arc Project was started by 3 friends in 2005 with efforts of creating a unique surfing experience for the youth. Since then, we have had many surf camps up and down Florida’s east coast, as well as the Great Lakes area. Our aim for this blog is to post info about the latest Arc news as well as various videos, photos, messages that will inspire people daily. The blog is updated by the Bosscher brothers.

Greg Field

Brandon Bosscher

Matthew Margarone

Bloggers: Brandon Bosscher, Ryon Bosscher, Damon Bosscher


9 thoughts on “About

  1. REALLY LIKE THIS PAGE!!!! Very Dope Movement and Message. Was Gonna Come On Here To Talk About Music Im Promoting But Instead Just Want To Encourage The Work That You Are Doing. May God Keep Blessing You Guys. Would Love To Work With You!!

  2. Praying for God’s will in your efforts to be fruitful in spreading the good news about Christ and encouraging young people and giving them a sense of belonging(what is missing in so many young people today) in God’s kingdom.

    God, bless this organization and its people. My prayer is that you will give the leaders of arcsurf courage, knowledge and conviction to pursue young people and help bring them to you. Only you can save Lord, but you ask us to be your servants. Give these people your strength, protection and wisdom. Amen.

  3. Sounds like a sweet project guys. Blessings!

    Do you guys have any relationship with similar organizations? I might be interested in doing something similar in the Pacific someday.

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