#14 Don’t Look for Deep Fulfillment in Shallow Things

What do you get for the man who has everything? Judging by Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, you give him a sense of purpose or meaning.

“I said to myself, “Have fun and enjoy yourself!” But this didn’t make sense. Laughing and having fun is crazy. What good does it do? I wanted to fin out what was best for us during the short time we have on the earth. So I decided to make myself happy with wine and find out what it means to be foolish, without really being foolish myself.

I did some great things. I built houses and planted vineyards. I had flower gardens and orchards full of fruit trees. And I had pools where I could get water for the trees. I owned slaves, and their sons and daughters became my slaves. I had more sheep and goats than anyone who had ever lived in Jerusalem. Foreign rulers brought me silver, gold, and precious treasures. Men and women sang for me, and I had many wives who gave me great pleasure.

I was the most famous person who had ever lived in Jerusalem, and I was very wise. I got whatever I wanted and did whatever made me happy. But most of all, I enjoyed my work. Then I thought about everything I had done, including the hard work, and it was simply chasing the wind. Nothing on earth is worth the trouble.”

“On the surface, Solomon was recalling a life well lived, perhaps the most enviable existence of them all. Beneath the celebration, though, lay despair and hopelessness, and one of Solomon’s hardest-earned lessons: all the pleasures, possessions, and accomplishments in the world cannot bring fulfillment. Solomon experimented with nearly everything, and he found meaning in none of it.

In truth, deep fulfillment cannot be found in shallow pleasrues. Fulfillment springs from things that matter, things that have an impact not just on yourself but on others as well. Fulfillment is found in the following things:

Healthy relationships: It comes from investing yourself in others and allowing them to do the same for you.

A well-earned good reputation: It comes from being quietly recognized as one who lives a life of integrity and loving concern for others.

Spiritual peace: It comes from having an obstacle-free relationship with God.”

-The Bible: 50 Ways It Can Change Your Life


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