Kolohe Andino Is A Top 10 Surfer

Who is that 35 year old ripper? Oh wait, that’s Kolohe wearing some fresh facial hair. The dude shreds, and has been doing well this year on the WCT. Check out the Hurley Pro at Lowers starting today, and watch local boy Kolohe surf on the wave he calls home.

#13 Keep Your Books Balanced

“Debt reduction is a timely topic, and has been for at least 2,000 years, judging from apostle Paul’s words in Romans 13:7-8: “Pay all that you owe, whether it is taxes and fees or respect and honor. Let love be your only debt! If you love others, you have done all that the Law demands.

 You’ll notice that Paul took the discussion out of the realm of the fiscal almost immediately. This isn’t just about financial bookkeeping. It’s about living with integrity. This is about enjoying healthy relationships and maintaining balance in our lives. 

 Paul pointed out that our debts may include respect and honor. That means if there are people in our lives who deserve (or prefer) to be treated with an extra measure of courtesy or deference, because of their age, position, or background, we should oblige. Likewise, if we know people who warrant special recognition for things they’ve accomplished, we should offer that as well. Fulfilling such obligations not only benefits others but is also good for us. It moves us closer to being debt free. 

 Here are a few other ideas that might fall under Paul’s heading of debt reduction:

-If you owe a phone call, you should make it. If you’ve lost touch with a friend, it’s time to reestablish the connection.

-If you owe an explanation, you should offer it. If someone somewhere is wondering why you did something, it’s time to explain yourself.

-If you owe an apology, you should make it. If you’ve wronged someone, it’s time to seek forgiveness and make things right.

-If you owe gratitude, you should give it. It’s time you let the people who’ve made a difference in your life know how thankful you are.

-If you owe your time and attention, you should offer it. If you claim that someone or something is a priority, it’s time to show it.

-If you owe a confrontation, you should offer them. If you’ve let a problem situation go, it’s time to address it.

-If you owe discipline, you should give it. If you’ve skirted your duties as a parent or manager, it’s time to make amends.

The more unpaid debts you’re able to settle, the more balance you’ll restore to your life.”

-The Bible: 50 Ways It Can Change Your Life