#4 Maintain an Outward Focus

“The essence of genuine love is an outward focus, an emphasis on others instead of on ourselves. That would seem obvious. Yet many of us are tripped up by occasional inward glances. Our desire to promote ourselves, to make sure we aren’t overlooked, obscures our focus on others.

This is why the apostle Paul felt the need to offer this reminder from 1 Corinthians 13:4:
“Love is . . . Never . . . Boastful.”

To love someone is to:
-celebrate the person;
-identify the traits that make the person special;
-develop a sense of pride in being associated with the person;
-be thankful for the person’s presence in your life.

In order to show the kind of love Paul was talking about, we must keep our focus on the other person. We must willingly risk being overlooked in the process.”

-The Bible: 50 Ways It Can Change Your Life



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