Just a heads up, our blog has moved! You can access the new ARC blog at http://www.arcsurf.org under ‘ARC blog’. We have recently updated our current website and thought it would be easier to have the blog associated with the website rather than separate the two. We apologize if this causes confusion of any sort, but overall we see it as a beneficial move. The content will remain the same with things that inspire us (Surfing, quotes, photos, videos, music), and hopefully inspire you all as well. We are still a rather “new” non-profit organization, and are in the process of learning how to impact others in a proper way. If anyone has questions/concerns/input or would like to help out with The ARC Project in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at arcsurfproject@gmail.com. Thank you all for your support!

-The ARC Project

surf ARC


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