Good Habits

Read a good devotional this morning about growing in faith rather than staying still. I challenge you to grow in faith each and every day and see what God can do with your life.

“I like the story of the little boy who fell out of bed. When his Mom asked him what happened, he answered, “I don’t know. I guess I stayed too close to where I got in.”

Easy to do the same with our faith. It’s tempting to just stay where we got in and never move.

Pick a time in the not-too-distant past. A year or two ago. Now ask yourself a few questions. How does your prayer life today compare with then? How about your giving? Have both the amount and the joy increased? What about your church loyalty? Can you tell you’ve grown? And Bible study? Are you learning to learn?…

Don’t make the same mistake of the little boy. Don’t stay too close to where you got in. It’s risky resting on the edge.”

-Max Lucado


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