No —> Yes

It’s been a busy week and I’ve been meaning to post these thoughts I jotted down from last weeks church service. We are currently going through a series called “when pigs fly.” From the title, you can imagine we’ve been exploring the many miracles seen in the Bible. We identified the things we are scared to let go of in our lives. Our worldly possessions, our vast fears, or bad habits for example. These are our “No’s”. We want to move from No to Yes, and this requires us to let go of our “No” and move to “Yes.” Putting our faith in God helps us make the move from No —> Yes. Some other thoughts I wrote down.

-saying “yes” reveals your purpose

-obedience requires us to trust that God knows more than we do

-when we obey, the results are greater than our abilities

-God wants to provide for you what you can’t provide yourself

-It’s not until you say “you can’t” that Jesus says “you can”

I encourage you all to search for your “no” in your life, and put your faith in Jesus and see the miracle unfold as you move toward “yes”.


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