– (Mexico) Seeking For A New Port


I thought this video was a good reminder of how God wants us to spend our time.  You can barely go anywhere these days without seeing somebody on their phone or computer.  Technology is great, but don’t let it prevent you from seeing the “real world”.

Here are some quotes that stood out to me:

“Being saturated with the electrical world and all the computers and everything else is…I know there is a good need for computers and everything but there’s a limitation.  You’ll miss everything that is actually part of the real world, which is standing in the elements, feeling the breeze, being able to tell when it’s going to rain, when it’s going to be hot, when it’s going to be cold other than before it happens.”

“Try standing there on the edge of the ocean or on a mountain top and see the curvature of the earth, and actually get the feeling of how minute we are in this whole thing….and then get to where you actually become part of it, that’s the best part.  The computer world alienates us all from that.”


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