Be motivated

Athletes are full of competitive spirit, drive for excellence, and a longing to be the best. They battle to be number one. Intense physical training, visualizing success, and a belief in their ability to out-perform the competition is inherent to every champion. Behind the focused eyes of a champion you will find an inner drive and motivation that feeds them. I feel there is nothing more inspiring than watching an individual excel in the game of life they were meant to play. These games of life involve athletes, businessmen, doctors, parents, and artists alike. You also play the game of life. What inspires you? Where do you find your motivation? I may not be a professional athlete, but I am a parent and I have a life of my own that I need to live everyday. I find motivation in the simple fact that we were all created with a purpose. God wants you to find that purpose and excel at being your best. Believe that you are made with a purpose and find your source of motivation. Now run like a lion.


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