Believing without seeing

When you are faced with a major decision in life the consequences of that decision may be hard to fully predict. Knowing the exact result of every decision is next to impossible. So what do you do? Do you go for it, or do you stay put and wait for the next opportunity? How do you make a tough decision? It is well known to trust your gut, your instinct. This is a great place to start. Further your decision making ability by living a life connected and centered in the principles of Christ. You will start believing in solutions without yet seeing the results and equip yourself to manage difficult decisions. Long after your decision is made you will see how trust and faith in God allowed you to trace one decision to the next. What is left is a story of faith and God’s unconditional love for you. I call this your journey of life. Search for God’s best in your decisions and he will take you to new heights. Start believing without seeing. This is your faith.


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