To Just Grow Away

Luke 18:17 “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

Lets try be more like children. This doesn’t mean we should act immature and do whatever is pleasing to us, but this passage in Luke makes a solid point. As we grow up, some things that interest us and are pleasing to us change. Think of yourself at 5 years old. What did you love to do? Many of us loved to play outside for hours on end with other friends, and we loved our parents or the people who took care of us. We believed so strongly that certain things were real and our hearts were most likely not yet broken by relationships with others. Laughter and smiles were frequent and we hardly ever thought about the past. It was all about what was happening in the moment, or what fun thing was happening in the future.

Perhaps this passage is telling us that people of all ages should have characteristics like a child, because it’s for our own good. It’s healthy. Being surrounded by the people that you love, who also happen to love you, is a great feeling. Another great feeling is knowing that someone is always there to help you, and not worrying about yesterday, today or tomorrow. Children typically have these characteristics and I think we should do our best to find these characteristics if we have lost them.

God is our Father, and somebody that will always be there for us. He tells us not to worry about tomorrow, and knows whats in our best interest. So get outside more often, and bring friends along. Know that you are unconditionally loved, and try not to worry about what tomorrow will bring. Like children do.

Tallest Man On Earth – To Just Grow Away


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