Volcom Fiji Pro day 6

The Volcom Fiji Pro started up again after a three day waiting period. They had two heats and then called the contest off because of the wind and dangerous conditions. A few hours later the wind shifted and glassed up what Kelly Slater called “25 foot faces”, an claimed that some of the guys were getting the wave of their lives. Big wave surfers from around the world flew to Fiji for the big swell an Volcom held a free surf which they showed on the live cam. Calling the contest off for the day allowed the big wave surfers to have a feast! Some feasted on the waves of their lives while others became the part of the feast, taking incredibly scary wipeouts near shallow reef. A total risk-reward situation. Needless to say, the surf session will go down in history as being one of the best big days in history at Cloudbreak. Enjoy the pictures I took with my phone via live webcast. Real photographs are sure to be posted all over the internet today.



Picture 3: that little yellow dot riding the wave is 19 year old John John Florence. Yewwww!!!


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