If you haven’t heard of RELEVANT Magazine, it’s worth a look. The magazine talks about all sorts of topics and how it pertains to faith. RELEVANT founder Cameron Strang tells the heart and purpose behind the magazine—how it started and where it’s going. It’s a story of what it looks like to fight for something that you believe in, for something that needs change.

The RELEVANT Story from Jeremy Snell on Vimeo.

From the “About Us” section at

“Since 2003, RELEVANT has been the leading magazine covering God, progressive culture and intentional living. The stories we tell are at the intersection of faith and culture—the places where life is really lived. Our magazine is not about “being relevant”—it’s that God is relevant, He is relevant to every aspect of our lives. (And yes, we cover what’s relevant to you.) RELEVANT’s readers are culturally savvy Christians primarily college-age to 30s. We reach about 800,000 readers a month, publishing every other month in print and iPad, as well as daily online.

Who are we? We’re twenty- and thirtysomething Christians seeking God and striving to impact the world around us. We love great art—whether that be music, movies, books or visual design. We are people who want to live well—to live sustainably, artfully and outwardly. We are pro-Church and want to love our neighbors as ourselves. We are daily seeking how God is at work in the world. We try to publish ideas that break stereotypes, challenge the status quo and spur a generation to know God and change the world.”


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